Pioneers of Tomorrow

一局一元钱的现金麻将下载You’re a Dreamer. A Doer. A Designer. You create, you improvise, and improve.

Sycamores pioneer what’s next in aviation, engineering, and automation. Your visions of architecture and design build our tomorrow. All of our programs give you lots of opportunities to get hands-on experiences and gain the skills you need for the real world!


So what are you waiting for?Find your blue.


  • Meet our Faculty

    “Our department provides a studio culture, in that students get to know their professors and can come to them with questions about classes and help with things like getting a job.”
  • Leadership Experience

    “Indiana State’s small class sizes appealed to me because I was looking for a more engaging learning experience in which I could interact with the instructors to better understand the material.”
  • Successful Alumni

    “I chose Indiana State for what it had to offer. It has an excellent flight program. It stuck out for the small class sizes and kind professors.”
  • Hands-On Academic Experiences

    "I was in a class where my group had to simulate an industrial process and I was responsible for leading the software/hardware team and programming the industrial logic controllers.”
  • Job Offer before Graduation

    At the end of her internship, Ripperger was accepted into a fellowship program at PATTERN and serves as social media and online content manager.
  • 30 state-of-the-art labs

  • 26 tech-specific student orgs

  • 10 years
    of FIT conferences